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SteadyServe.Net Script (Features) Library

SteadyServe.Net offers the following scripts to add special dynamic features and enhance the usability of your *site.

  • Email Form – Add a form for your visitors to send you email from your site.
  • FAQ List – Add a FAQ list to your site.
  • Random Messages – Add random messages (of your choosing) to your site.
  • Event Calendar – Post a calendar of events to your website.
  • Email List – Add members to an email list and send them messages.
  • Photo Gallery – Post a gallery of photos with thumbnail images to your site.
  • Bulletin Board – For posting messages to your members.
  • Customer Comments – Post your customer's comments on your site.
  • Shopping Cart – Need to sell goods on your site?  Use our shopping cart program.

If you have suggestions for additional features that you would like us to offer, please contact us and let us know.

*These scripts are designed to work only on SteadyServe.Net's servers.